Election integrity in the workplace is under attack.

Fighting to protect secret ballots in workplaces across America


Workplace Threats

Card Check

Force employees to publicly declare their vote, opening workers up to coercion, intimidation and peer pressure.

Instead of holding a secret ballot election where every workers' vote is private, unions would rather organize through what's known as a card check system. This system merely requires the union to get a majority of employees to publicly sign a union card. But this largely unregulated system puts employees at risk for coercion, intimidation and even bullying from union organizers. Employees may be tempted to sign a card just to get union organizers off their back, even if they don't fully understand the consequences of signing or feel signing is in their best interest.


Push for misgusided legislation that would essentially eliminate the right to a secret ballot vote.

The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is a bill in Congress that would greatly expand union power while shrinking employee choice in the workplace. If passed, the PRO Act would essentially eliminate the right to a secret ballot election in workplaces across the country, replacing it with a card check system. The bill includes a slew of other union-backed provisions that would threaten employee privacy, outlaw right-to-work laws in several states, and rope freelancers and gig workers into union membership by reclassifying them as full-time employees.

Sneaky Neutrality Agreements

Enter agreements with employers that allow unions to skirt secret ballots and compromise employee privacy.

The phrase “neutrality agreement” may sound harmless, but these sneaky agreements are actually a way for a union to get full access to a workplace and its employees -- making organizing as easy as possible. This includes giving the union access to workers’ personal information, including home addresses. That means union representatives can bring their organizing campaign right to an employee's front door. Neutrality agreements can also allow a union to organize through a card check, not a secret ballot election.

Support the Employee Rights

Workers deserve the right to a secret ballot vote so that they can make an informed choice that’s right for them. Join our fight to protect the secret ballot today!


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